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Driver Spotlight: J.R. DeVasure

We’re excited to share the first post of the new Driver Spotlight series on our Health & Wellness blog! The goal of the Health & Wellness blog has always been to be relevant to our drivers, and what better way to provide relevant information than to highlight one of our own? Through this series, we hope to promote a wellness-minded community by learning from and cheering each other on. We’ll share tips, favorite recipes, and more. Be sure to let us know if you’d like to be highlighted, or if you’d like to nominate a fellow driver to be highlighted.


J.R. has been with us for 3.5 of the last 5 years, most recently since January of 2018. He was kindly willing to share with us how he prioritizes his health while on the road. Though he was diagnosed with diabetes over 20 years ago, J.R’s blood sugar has remained in good control, and he attributes this largely to his diet and physical activity. 

J.R. shared that he uses a smokeless grill once a week to prepare food for the week ahead. He often grills sirloin steak or chicken and will eat these alongside riced cauliflower or broccoli and a sweet potato, which he microwaves. He estimates that he spends about two hours preparing food that will provide him two meals a day for 5-7 days. He most often uses a George Foreman grill but also likes to use a charcoal grill sometimes, especially for grilling vegetables in foil.

When he’s not eating meals he’s prepared himself, you might find him eating a Subway double chicken chopped salad, or at a TA/Petro, where he enjoys grilled salmon with broccoli and salad, or one of the other Heart Healthy menu items offered. He notes that salad bars are especially helpful when trying to eat well for blood sugar management.

J.R. is a firm believer that there is adequate time in the day for physical activity, especially considering the required 10-hour break. He begins each morning with some stretching, and he takes a 5-10 minute walk three times a day–on breaks and before bed. He keeps a set of 25 lb. and 35 lb. dumbbells in his truck and is able to do core workouts and a modified bench press on his mattress. He’s recently been finding fitness inspiration from Swolenormous (on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and podcast), and he’s even been trying yoga for the last couple weeks. He notes that you don’t need a mat to be able to do yoga and that he’s finding the meditation and mindfulness techniques to be helpful.

J.R. thinks it’s important to ask yourself if your food and fitness actions are contributing to your longevity.  He doesn’t think you need a bunch of expensive supplements to improve your health but that lifestyle changes can improve anyone’s health once they find their motivation. 

Thanks to J.R. for appearing in our first Driver Spotlight! Leave a comment on this post to let us know what you think, and make sure to thank J.R. for sharing his wellness story with us. We’d love to hear from you, too–whether about your success, challenges, or favorite recipe. Remember, we’re here to learn from and cheer each other on in our health endeavors.

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