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PRESS RELEASE - Christenson Transportation Announces Key Leadership Changes


February 28, 2024

Strafford Missouri:

Christenson Transportation, a leading player in the transportation industry, is proud to announce the promotion of three key individuals within the company. These promotions are a testament to the exceptional leadership skills, dedication, and outstanding contributions of these professionals to the growth and success of the company.

Brian Hazzard, Chief Operating Officer.

The first promotion is of Brian Hazzard to Chief Operating Officer. Brian has been with Christenson Transportation for over four years. Hazzard started as Operations Manager and later assumed the role of Director of Operations and Brokerage. Brian has played a pivotal role in building a sales team from the ground up. His keen strategic insights and ability to drive operational efficiency have significantly contributed to the company's growth and success during his tenure.

Alexandria Menzel, Director of Accounting

The second promotion is Alexandria Menzel to Director of Accounting. Alex joined Christenson Transportation in 2020 as a Senior Accountant and quickly received a promotion to Assistant Controller. Her tremendous ability to produce high-quality work in an accurate and organized fashion has proven extremely beneficial to the company over the last few years.


The third promotion is for Dr. Ethan Slaughter to Chief

Dr. Ethan Slaughter, Chief Financial Officer

Financial Officer. Ethan has been with Christenson Transportation for five years. In addition to his accounting expertise, Ethan has extensive experience in leadership development stemming from his doctoral work at Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU). Dr. Slaughter is a leading authority in building virtuous leadership traits that drive ethical, moral, and multi-framed decision-making and behavior at individual and organizational levels. Given Ethan’s accounting and finance experience, vast knowledge base, and wise approach to personal and professional development, we are confident he will shine as CFO.

"We are thrilled to announce these promotions are part of the first phase in Christenson’s ambitious growth plans for 2024 and beyond. The promotions of Brian, Alex, and Ethan have consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, dedication, and outstanding contributions to the company. We are confident that they will continue to excel in their new roles and contribute to the growth and success of our company," said President and CEO of Christenson Transportation, Don Christenson.

These promotions reflect Christenson Transportation's commitment to recognizing and rewarding the hard work and dedication of its employees. The company looks forward to the continued growth and success of these individuals and the entire team.


Christenson Transportation is a family-owned freight and logistics services company, established in 1979 and is based in Strafford, Missouri. The company runs in the lower 48 states as well as parts of Canada. Christenson Transportation is a leading provider of specialized hauling for high-value, high-risk, and time-sensitive cargo. Christenson Transportation prides itself on working only with quality drivers to provide value and safety to customers. Due to Christenson’s commitment to safety, the company has received multiple industry safety awards and is focused on continuing this strategy in the future. Christenson Transportation is “Where the Truckers Truck.” For more information about Christenson Transportation’s services or to become a Christenson Driver.

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