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2023-2024 Peterbilt 579
Epic Ultra Loft

At Christenson Transportation, we want the best equipment for our truck drivers. The better the equipment the more miles you can run and the more money our truck drivers can make. But we are not all about the money. Our drivers are not a number to us. That is why we searched for the best and most comfortable trucks that the market has to offer. We understand that your truck is your home while on the road. We wanted to find a truck with as many features as possible and as many comforts as home. We think we've found it.

New Safety Features

  • The new 15" digital display is pure Peterbilt: bold design, state-of-the-art technology, and class-leading functionality.

  • The digital display includes a configurable interface with all critical truck systems information as well as integrated Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology and features,

    • including adaptive cruise control,

    • lane keeping assists and sign recognition.

    • Drivers can personalize their default view, placing the most relevant information at their preferred location on the screen.

  • New smart steering wheel with audio/phone and cruise controls

  • New cupholders with storage

  • Updated SmartNav® display

  • New wider, dual-action control switches

  • Dual USB chargers

  • Improved Bluetooth® microphone

  • New wood grains, dark upper dash

  • Leather seats

  • 12-speed automatic transmission helps reduce driver fatigue.​​

  • Anti-theft security system




  • In cab automatic 5th wheel release

  • 5th wheel light hookup lamps

smartlinq (1).jpg

Driver Comfort - Home away from Home

  • The interior of the New Model 579 sleeper offers all the comforts of home.

  • 8 feet of headroom

  • 70 cubic feet of storage

  • LED lighting throughout provides optimal illumination with energy-saving technology.


Driver Comfort - Sleeper Features

  • The largest mattresses in the industry

  • The 80-inch UltraLoft sleeper represents the ultimate in driver comfort and convenience. The UltraLoft sleeper is designed to accommodate up to a

  • 32-inch TV

  •  1.1-cubic foot microwave

  • Unlimited wifi

  • Sound abatement technology

  • Independent HVAC with separate controls

  • optional fuel-fired heater and multiple no-idle hoteling options

  • In the double bunk configuration, the UltraLoft features a clever foldaway ladder that “disappears” when not in use. 

Screenshot 2022-06-10 162515.jpg

Aerodynamics & Fuel Economy

  • The Peterbilt 579 Epic, Ultra Loft offers the most advanced aerodynamic features, improving fuel economy by up to 7% and improving your bottom line.

  • The new hood and bumper were designed for maximum aerodynamic performance.

  • The new air dam fellow the bumper further improves aerodynamics while maintaining ground clearances. 

  • Newly sculpted mirror heads and arms maximize aerodynamic efficiency.

  • The new A-pillar fairing directs air across the side of the cab to improve aerodynamics and reduce noise.

  • New wheel well closeouts provide added aerodynamics and accommodate more tire options than ever before.

  • Tandem fairings and wheel covers were added to work with the new chassis fairings to reduce drag. 

If you meet our job requirements, and you’d like to join our team fill out an application here. Still, have questions? Feel free to contact our Recruiting Department at 417-866-5993, option one.

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