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Internship Opportunities

Life in Transportation Industry

Christenson Transportation provides internship options that emphasize career opportunities in a corporate business environment to help you prepare for future leadership. An internship with Christenson Transportation offers you an exceptional opportunity to gain an understanding of life in the transportation industry. We offer internships in Rates and Pricing, Information Technology, Value Added Services Divisions, and Diesel Truck Technology.

Interns Wanted
Internship Opprotunities

...a Unique Opprotunity

Through this unique opportunity, you’ll become familiar with Christenson's operations, business strategies, customer service needs, and corporate culture. In addition to earning a competitive salary, this experience will contribute to personal and professional growth, enhance your qualifications, establish professional contacts and enable you to make more informed decisions about your career. Internship opportunities are available at our corporate headquarters in Strafford, MO., and our other locations in Nashville, TN., and Etheredge, TN.

Looking for Part-Time...

Summer internship assignments include part-time weekly work and typically last 12 weeks. If you are looking for part-time hours during the school year, we have opportunities available on a limited basis. We are looking for students pursuing degrees in the following areas:

  • Transportation/Logistics

  • Business Administration

  • Finance/Accounting

  • Diesel Truck Technology

  • Management

  • Marketing

Intern at work
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