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Pets at Christenson Transportation

It can get lonely on the road, so a lot of drivers opt to bring a furry co-pilot along. We are in full support of having pets help you out on long drives, however, there are a few things we require first.

  • Drivers are limited to two pets – cats or dogs only. These pets must be under 30 pounds and are not considered aggressive or dangerous.

  • A non-refundable $500 pet fee is required and can be paid prior to pet boarding the tractor or split into $100 payments over 5 weeks with first settlement upon approval. Just talk to your Recruiter.

  • In the case of Support Animals, your working animal still must be a cat or dog and does not waive fees.

  • Any and all damages cased to a tractor by pets and working animals are the driver’s complete financial responsibility.


If these terms sound good to you, let’s get started by filling out the Pet Authorization Request Form. Requests are processed Monday – Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. Please note that your pet needs to be approved before it is allowed on the tractor.

Please note that this form is not all you will need and completion of this form does not guarantee approval! If you are a new driver, please speak with your Recruiter about pets as early as possible to avoid delays.

You can attach your pup or kitties' vet records to this form or provide them in person to a recruiter. If you are taking a photo of the records, please make sure that it is in a large format, is taken with good light, and is legible. Additional documentation can be provided, if necessary, in person or via email.

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