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How 4-wheelers can help keep truck drivers safe

If you drive a small car and you’re next to a semi on the highway, realize that the big truck weighs a lot more than your car– like, 16 times as much! So, just like little kids defer to big adults, small cars need to give big trucks their space on the road.

Tips for Keeping Truck Drivers Safe

Well, the best advice is to stay out of a trucker’s blind spot. If you cannot see the driver’s side mirrors, then they cannot see you– and that’s bad.

Also, if you want to pass a trucker, please pass on the left and don’t pass on a double yellow line. When you do go to move back into the other lane, in front of the truck, don’t cut them off– give them plenty of room. Ideally, give them 4 car lengths before getting back over.

It’s best if you don’t drive next to a semi for long periods. If one of their tires blows out, debre could hit your car, they could lose control, swerve, and/or hit you. It’s best to stay far behind a semi or go far in front of them rather than linger on their side. Also, if it’s a windy day, that’s when you especially do not want to stay too long in the lane right next to a giant truck. Windy days can cause trucks to “push” into neighboring lanes!

Truckers can not stop as quickly as you can! Semi-trucks need at least three football

fields of space to stop. They cannot turn as quickly and easily as you can. Give them plenty of room to make their turns, to back up, etc. When the weather’s bad, be extra cautious around them. Truckers do not want any accidents on their record, and you certainly don’t want a giant truck smashing into you or your vehicle.

So always remember to give these Highway Heros plenty of room for stopping and turning. If you can't see their mirrors, they can't see you. Don't drive next to a semi-truck for long periods, pass them and get over.

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