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Yoga for Truck Drivers

Recently, several drivers have asked me about yoga. As someone who has practiced yoga for a decade and has experience teaching it, I love discussing it and am happy to dedicate a Health & Wellness blog post to it! In this post, I’ll outline some benefits of yoga, which you may or may not have heard before. I’ll also provide some resources for incorporating yoga over the road.

Before we get going or before you exit the page, please know that yoga is for every body. Truly. There are a LOT of misconceptions about yoga, so here are a few things you should know that are not required to begin a yoga practice:

  1. Being female

  2. Being flexible

  3. A certain size or shape of body

  4. A yoga mat or any other equipment

  5. Special clothing

Now that we’ve established that, let’s move on to learning more about yoga and its benefits. Despite photos you may have seen or things you may have heard, yoga is much more than a physical practice. Yoga uses breathing, mindfulness, and physical postures to promote both physical and mental health. Benefits of a yoga practice may include:

  1. Decreased stress, anxiety, and depression

  2. Improved heart health, including lower blood pressure

  3. Improved sleep quality

  4. Decreased pain

  5. Improved strength, balance, and flexibility

  6. Better posture

Additionally, people have reported improved body image and improved eating habits after establishing a yoga practice.

So, how can you begin a yoga practice over the road? Below are a couple of resources from Mother Trucker Yoga, who seems to be the expert on the subject, as well as a couple from others providing accessible yoga practices. Just click on the titles for more information.

  1. Yoga for Truckers – Yes, You CAN Do It!

  2. Includes three exercises with photos to guide

  3. Mother Trucker Yoga on Upper Back and Shoulder Pain

  4. Includes a video with exercises that can be done in the comfort of your cab

  5. 10-Minute Guided Meditation for Beginners to Clear Thoughts

  6. Focuses on the mental aspect of yoga; truly appropriate for beginners!

  7. Yoga Without a Mat (Beginner)

  8. Video with all standing postures; states beginner level but may test balance

In general, YouTube is a great resource for video guidance. Whether you’re looking for a short mindfulness activity, yoga for men, plus-size yoga, or something different, you’re sure to find something relevant when searching. Additionally, below are some apps that can be downloaded that may be helpful. Just search for them in the app store on your phone or other device.

  1. Calm

  2. Headspace

  3. Yoga for Beginners – Mind+Body

  4. Lotus – Yoga and Workouts

Note that all of the resources listed here are free. There are many other apps and channels that can be accessed for a fee but which may provide guidance that is more targeted to your specific desires and comfort level.

My hope is that if you’re at all interested in yoga, this will inspire you to give it a try. The benefits are undeniable, and remember that there is truly yoga for every body. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me (Kristen) with any questions; I’m happy to provide more information and resources than can be contained in a blog post! Also don’t hesitate to ask around to see what’s worked for others, as there are definitely drivers out there with a consistent yoga practice. And finally, if you’re one of those drivers who does have a yoga practice, please reach out and let me know! We’d love to feature you on the blog.

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