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PRESS RELEASE - Christenson Transportation Congratulates Their COO


February 22, 2023

Strafford Missouri:

Christenson Transportation would like to congratulate their COO of Missouri, Ethan Slaughter who recently completed his Doctor of Business Administration degree at the DeVoe School of Business at Indiana Wesleyan University. During his time at IWU, Dr. Ethan Slaughter published two practitioner articles, was selected to be a member of the Devoe Business Advisory Council, and had his leadership style and techniques featured in the IWU Triangle Magazine at the request of former President Dr. David Wright.

Dr. Slaughter’s doctoral research focused on behavioral and labor economics of the long-haul truck driver labor market. His work culminated with writing Synthesis of Long-Haul Truck Driver Labor Market Desires and Dysfunctions, an award-winning research project which uncovered and conveyed groundbreaking findings related to truck driver job dissatisfaction and turnover intention. Dr. Slaughter continues to research truck drivers from a behavioral economic perspective. This research focuses on the environmental, physiological, and psychological impacts on decision-making, especially when those decisions conflict with the implied rational choices put forth by classical economic theory. In 2023, Dr. Slaughter is taking on the role of Primary Investigator to lead a team of researchers from various prestigious universities to study sleep quantity and quality of over-the-road truck drivers, and the potential implications of introducing of sleep improving interventions such as state-of-the-art mattresses and sensory deprivation technologies. This study aims to begin laying the groundwork for improving the working and living environment for long-haul truck drivers and to promote a healthier lifestyle, safer driving, increased job satisfaction, and lower turnover intention.

In addition to his research, Dr. Slaughter is considered a leading expert by his peers in the application of the Virtuous Business Model (VBM). The VBM is a holistic framework designed to drive ethical, moral, and multi-framed decision-making and behavior at individual and organizational levels. Given this expertise, Dr. Slaughter is a working co-author of Virtuous Business Model: A Model Approach. This publication will demonstrate real-world applications of the VBM and includes contemplative exercises to sharpen leadership skills and organizational potential. In addition, Dr. Slaughter offers coaching and guidance to high-ability or high-performing individuals to maximize their potential and develop higher levels of emotional intelligence and self-command.

Christenson Transportation is a family-owned freight and logistics services company, established in 1979 and based in Strafford, Missouri. The company runs in the lower forty-eight states as well as parts of Canada. Christenson Transportation is a leading provider of specialized hauling for high-value, high-risk, and time-sensitive cargo. Christenson Transportation prides itself on working only with quality drivers to provide value and safety to customers. Due to Christenson’s commitment to safety, the company has received multiple industry safety awards and is focused on continuing this strategy in the future. Christenson Transportation is “Where the Truckers Truck.” For more information about Christenson Transportation’s services or to become a Christenson Driver visit

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