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Join the Christenson team and bring your own truck! We are committed to helping you achieve your desired success in the trucking industry. Christenson Transportation values our Drivers and proves it by reinvented its Driver Pay Program! Just look at what our current drivers are saying about our new pay package.

We have a limited number of Owner Operator Lease/Purchase for OTR CDL Driver positions available. But we want motivated and professional drivers to join our Christenson Transportation family. 

Ready to join the crew? Get started with our online job application. Feel free to contact our Recruiting Department for more information.


We have put together an affordable package that work wonderfully for drivers looking to take their career to the next level. With Christenson by your side, you’ll be in charge of your own financial future doing what it takes to reach your goals! So, if you’re ready to become a business owner and take on the challenges it entails, keep reading about how we partner with burgeoning entrepreneurs.


Our Lease Purchase Program is one of the best! Alongside our selection of new and used trucks, we offer affordable financing arrangements, truck pricing discounts, vendor discounts on fuel, tires, parts, service, maintenance, and more. This is just one of the ways we work to make your job easier. Plus, we have some of the lowest turnover rates in the industry – over 25% of Christenson drivers and contractors have driven over one million miles with us! We have drivers reaching as high as three million solos and over four million in teams.

  • Financing options to maintain your current truck

  • Financial assistance for an upgraded truck

  • 100% No-touch freight

  • Help with current insurance or maintenance

  • Access to vendor and company discounts

  • Average 2500 to 3200 miles per week

  • Well-established routes

  • Access to our long-term customer relationships

Our goal is to help all truck drivers transition into and maintain their own small business, create opportunities so they can provide for their families consistently, and provide long-term stability in an ever-changing industry.



This package is the same as the OTR Lease Purchase package

  • Starting Base pays $1.25 Per mile on all loaded miles, plus an additional market surcharge.

  • Fuel Surcharge paid on all loaded miles.

  • FSC formula based on the pump price ABOVE $1.245 per gallon & averaged at 7.0 mpg fuel economy.

  • Deadhead pays $1.25 per mile on empty miles after the first 50 miles. No Fuel Surcharge paid on empty miles.


  • Completion of year 1 – Receive $1,000, paid out $250 quarterly & beginning on the yearly anniversary.

  • Completion of year 2 – Receive $2,000, paid out $500 quarterly & beginning on the yearly anniversary.

  • Completion of year 3 – Receive $3,000, paid out $750 quarterly & beginning on the yearly anniversary.

  • Completion of year 4 – Receive $4,000, paid out $1,000 quarterly & beginning on the yearly anniversary.

  • Completion of year 5 & above – Receive $5,000, paid out $1,250 quarterly & beginning on the yearly anniversary.



  • Pre-paid legal plan

  • 100% paid for by Christenson. No cost to the driver.

  • Discounts

  • Receive 100% of Christenson fuel discounts, fuel discounts averaged $.76 per gallon in April 2022. With best in class $1.01 per gallon in April 2022.

  • Tires & Maintenance.

  • Paid Tolls

  • Christenson pays all tolls.

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Check out our Truck Check List or fill out the form below to see if you qualify! Feel free to contact our Recruiting Department for more information.

Owner Operator Truck CheckList
This form is meant to assess your vehicle’s basic eligibility to be used as an Owner Operator with Christenson Transportation. We want to make sure you equipment is reliable and legal.

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