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Christenson Transportation Congratulates Hickman County Bass Club

Shout-out to Hickman County Bass Club for doing so well in their last tournament, sponsored by Christenson Transportation!

You won't believe what just happened!👀 The Hickman County Bass Club just blew us all away with their incredible performance in the last fishing tournament, sponsored by Christenson Transportation! 🐟 These amazing anglers came out on top and now have bragging rights for years to come. To the Hickman County Bass Club, a huge shout-out and congratulations to you all! 🎉 #fishthatdream #fishingontop #hickmancountybassclub #christensontransportation #fishing

  • Big Fish Honors Joe Walsh 5lb 7oz Largemouth.

  • First place Joe Walsh and JoJo walls two fish for 8 lb 12 oz

  • 2nd place Randy Johnson and Kenny Johnson three fish for 6 lb 14 oz

  • 3rd place Bryan Hablutzel and Arron Mendenhall two fish for 5 lb 15 oz

  • 4th place Hunter Rudolph and David Rudolph two fish for 5 lb 13 Oz

  • 5th place Eric Hassell 2 fish for 5lb

  • 6th place Cody Chandler...

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